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Jazz Guitar CD & Guide w/ NEW: Guitar Chords for Standards/Jazz $13.50

Designed for ear players trying to learn and use the intricate bebop lines and jazz theory, great chord-note foundations, lots of fun exercises, chordal scales, arpeggiated exercises, extended triads, the pivotal b5 substitutes. Helps you to understand the basics and functions for guitar chordal subs, the dim. for the 7th, the uses of the patterns in all chords, major to minor ideas, 3-fret repeats, a simple easy-to-use 1-hour cd and guide-book which enables you to begin to learn the real jazz soloings from chordal scales, extended triads, substitutes, ii7-V7-I phrases, modes, cycles (chordal movements), great theory from the melodic improv late 50s jazz, comping, and leads you into the Joe Pass books well, used by teachers/schools, designed for the beginner-jazz musician in mind, nothing like this out there. "It's the right stuff" says Plas Johnson, heralded by famous CSUN Music Director, Joel Leach.

NEW: Common Guitar Chord Diagrams for Standards/Jazz

The Common Guitar Chord Diagrams for Standards/Jazz is Progressive, and exactly what you need for your practical prep-studies for soloing and chording for both Professional and Amateur Guitarists. Solo Lines begin with these kinds of chords, they're both practical and easily read with clear diagrams and vital fingerings to help you quickly learn these common but critical standards/jazz chords you improvise solos from.

This new 82-chord Chord Diagram Standards/Jazz Chord Set is included as part of Jazz Guitar CD & Guide, Only $11.50.

(Note: For anyone who has already bought the Jazz Guitar CD & Guide and wants this new 82-Chord Set, please contact Carol Kaye at: and a special arrangement will be made for purchasing just this Chord Set at a nominal price, thank-you.)

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