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Jazz Improv Soloing DVD Course by Carol Kaye on Guitar $34.95

1 hr. 52 mins full of personal instruction, the major, minor, and 7th chord patterns, the pivotal b5, how to use the patterns, the back-cycles, the stacked triads, the sub-chordal patterns, the m7b5s in jazz soloing, moving ii V7s around, how to Comp, with last chapter featuring Jazz legend Jim Hughart with Carol Kaye.

Complete with Treble Clef Manual and Bass Clef music also, 3 chord charts (used in film), and Bass Clef music (bass players see below).

Easy-to-use DVD, OK for ALL REGIONS of the world, nothing like this out anywhere. Honed from decades of successful Jazz Teaching on Guitar and Bass, as well as playing Jazz with the finest in LA area in 1950s exciting bebop jazz gigs (Guitar). Teaches the Chordal Pattern System Jazz musicians used to innovate Jazz with in the 50s: From chordal notes review, chordal patterns, sub-chords, chordal progressions pattern notes (all meticulously explained), how to use the cycle and backcycle for creating, the chordal scale - how to function musically creative in top pro Jazz soloing.

Interesting, enjoyable and it works! Excellent teaching on-camera, close-ups of guitar neck, the function of Jazz explained with 10 full chapters, it makes Jazz innovating easy and logical.

Post-Production by Universal Studios, intro by LA DJ John Duncan.

ENDORSED BY Jim Hughart famed Jazz bassist, Alf Clausen Composer of Simpsons TV, Bob Bain Studio Jazz Guitar Legend (Johnny Carson TV, Mancini etc.), Plas Johnson Jazz Sax Great (Pink Panther), and Prof. Joel Leach Music Head 30 years Cal-State Northridge.

Bassists: You will also need Pro's Jazz Phrases Bass book and CD with this Course.

Pre-requisite for DVD Course: Jazz Guitar CD & Guide (or Jazz Bass CD & Guide) and Jazz Phrases Treble Clef Book and CD. Also, you may be interested in the following: Combos for Standards I and Standards II sets, Jazz Improv For Bass book & CD, and Pro's Jazz Phrases CDs.

See and hear video clips from "Jazz Improv Soloing DVD Course"
Chapter 3 - Minor Chords
Chapter 8 - Working With Chord Charts
Chapter 10 - Jam with bass legend Jim Hughart/Credits

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