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Over 30 years of Excellence in Education

Endorsed by Joel Leach, 10-yr. winner of Pacific Jazz Festivals, (ret.) Music Head of Cal-State Northridge, Plas Johnson, jazz/studio sax legend ("Pink Panther"), and Nelson Riddle in his book Arranged By.

Bass educator at Henry Mancini Institute, UCLA.

"The Fender bass player Carol Kaye.....could do anything and leave the men in the dust." - Quincy Jones in his book "Q - The Autobiography of Quincy Jones" 2001

Q in 2008: "Carol Kaye is the best bassist I've ever heard."

"Carol taught me more about the bass than is decent."
- Sting

Influenced through study out of my books:
Sting, Mo Foster, John Paul Jones, Stu Hamm, Abe Laboriel, Jaco Pastorius, Tiran Porter, Nathan East, Christian McBride, Leon Gaer, Joel DiBartolo, Bill Bodine, Mark Eagan, Anthony Wilson (Guitar), many more.

Personally Taught:
John Clayton (who played elec. bass w/Count Basie in 70s), Charles Meeks
(Chuck Mangione), Jim Hughart, Reinie Press (Hair), Bill Laymon (David
Nelson Band), Tony Sales (Bowie), Roy Vogt, Pat Putter Smith, Alf Clausen (Simpsons TV composer), Morty Corb, Whitey Mitchell (Red's brother), Ron Bland, Abe Luboff, Robert Russell, Steve LeFevre, Jeremy Cohen, Arnie Moore, Mike Schnoebelon (Manhattan Transfer), Trey Thompson, Don Bagley, Dave Edelstein, Bob Stone, David Hungate (Toto), Max Bennett, Mitchell Penland, Tom Winker, Dave Dyson, Ray Neapolitan, Pat Senatore, Luther Hughes, Harvey Newmark, Robin Mitchell, Ron Bland, Frank Carroll, Scott Hinkle, Bob Berteaux, Lane Baldwin, Monty Budwig, Richard Maloof (Welk), Bruce Stone, Mike Porcaro, Steve LeFevre,1,000s more.

Bass Tutors

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Guitar, Piano, Drum Tutors

Great Stuff to Listen to

"Backbeat - Earl Palmer's Story"


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Carol Kaye
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Canyon Country, CA 91386-2122 USA .

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