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Simon & Garfunkel record date, mid-'60s
Art, Paul, and Carol listen to a playback.

Carol and her CK and her Emperor Epiphone Guitar 1971
Carol's Emperor was Phil Spector's favorite.

Photo by Greg Schneider

Carol Kaye and producer Snuff Garrett
At Chadney's, Oct. 13, 1998

Photo by Candy Waldman

Earl Palmer and Carol
My Dear Friend, the Great Earl Palmer and Me
at Chadney's, Dec. 15, 1998. Earl played drums on great hits by James Brown, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, Richie Valens, Righteous Bros., Ray Charles, Sonny & Cher, Vickie Carr, Frankie Laine, Henry Mancini, Quincy Jones, 4 Tops, Supremes, TV-movies, etc., and on my Carol Kaye: "Guitars 1965 Album".
Carol and her "white" bass at the 1971 Trade Show for Fender
Photo published in the Sept. '98 Guitar player mag.
Not the best quality, the original wasn't that good. Also
that isn't Hal on drums, it's Roy Burns.

Carol & Friends
Left to right - Joseph Gershenson, Bob Bain,
Carol Kaye, and Don Costa with Vinnie Bell's invention, the Electric Sitar.

Friends in the StudioI
Left to right - Jay Migliori, Dick (Slide) Hyde,
and Bill Green.

Friends in the Studio II
Left to right - Lew McCreary (front of face),
Bill Green, and Jay Migliori.

Ollie Mitchell & Roy Caton
At Nancy Sinatra's "Boots" record date

The Hollywood Horns at the
Concert for the People of Bangladesh, 1971

Left to right - Lew McCreary, Allen Beutler, Ollie
Mitchell, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, and Jackie Kelso.

All photos in this group by Ollie Mitchell.

Two pics of Carol at the 1999 Winter NAMM in LA

Winter NAMM I
Left to right - Carol, Frank Devito, Tommy Gumina, and Ron Anthony.
Winter NAMM II
CK and Ron Anthony at the Polytone Booth.

All Photos in this group by Candy Waldman

Lyle Ritz & Carol Kaye, 1998
photo by Don Lawrence

CK with Matthew Sweet
Trying my Aria bass at recent sessions for Matthew.
April 5th, 1999

Group Seminar Lessons
At McCabe's Music, April 25th, 1999

The above two photos by Candy Waldman

Another Group Shot
Left to right - CK, Ron & Lynne Garant (Bassics Mag),
Chuck Berghofer, and Jim Fox.

Three big reasons to play hard in the studios.
Reasons #1 & #2, 1958

Reason # 3 & Mom, 1965
My Late Daughter, Peggy Kaye
on her High School Graduation Day
1968 No. Hollywood High with Gwyn age 5.

CK and Kevin Eubanks
Kevin is The Tonight Show music director/guitarist.
This photo from June, 1999
1968 Studio Photo
Left to right - George Tipton, (unknown), Jimmy Bowen, CK.

photo by Jasper Dailey.
Billy Strange & Jeanne Black
They met in the late ' 50's, finally found each other again in the '90's, and married in 1999.
John Clayton and wonderful family...
in Denmark.

The Cats... Rocky and Tess
Joe 1999
Left to right:
Lonnie, John JP, Tom C.,
Carol w/Award, Debbie H., and Cyndy E.

Photo by John Polakas

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